7 Reasons to LOVE YOUR GUT!

Over the last few years, mainly because of my online health and wellness business, I have become accutely aware of the topic of gut health.  It is not something that I am expert in – there are plenty of nutrition experts out there of course - but from my experience of running a health and wellness medical clinic  health and wellness medical clinic  for the last 17 years, I have gained an insight into what's important. There are a few very important aspects of gut health that the average person like me should be aware of because gut health is incredibly important for our overall well-being and it plays a vital role in various aspects of our daily and also long-term health. We often overlook our gut’s importance! I have to admit that I took it for granted for the first few decades of my life, but if we understand it’s role we can make incredibly positive changes to so many aspects of how our body works. That awareness of gut health starts with an understanding of your microbiome.

Who do you trust with your face?

Who do you trust with your face?  💉 10 TOP TIPS when choosing a safe provider for your cosmetic injection treatments. Martin MacKenzie, clinic manager and co-owner of a successful private doctor-led medical aesthetic and wellness clinic ( Dr Xavier & Associates Clinic ) for the last 17 years, shares his top tips when choosing a practitioner or clinic. It can be a confusing and overwhelming search when choosing a clinic for treatments such as dermal fillers, botulinum toxin (commonly known as BOTOX), thread-lifting, PRP, lasers and many more, because you are confronted with so many different types of providers all showcasing their services in the hope of attracting your custom. ❌ The gloss! A simple Google or social media search presents us with flashy websites, glamorous social media profiles and YouTube videos full of flawless models as well attractive adverts all vying for your attention, you hard earned money and of course your face! ❌  The price problem! It is also m